Package Contents

class pex.text.Text

Bases: object

Main class of pex.text module.

This main class of pex.text module is intended for providing implementations of tools for working with various text data.

block_api_hash(mod: str, fun: str) str

Calculate the block API hash for the given module/function.

  • mod (str) – the name of the module containing the target function

  • fun (str) – the name of the function

Return str:

the hash of the mod/fun pair in string format

ror13_hash(name: str) bytes

Calculate the ROR13 hash of a given string.


name (str) – string

Return bytes:

ROR13 hash

static ror(val: int, cnt: int) int

Rotate value.

  • val (int) – value

  • cnt (int) – count

Return int:

rotated value