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Bases: object

Main class of module.

This main class of module is intended for providing an implementation of post function that sends a data to the target.

post(payload: bytes | str, sender: Callable[Ellipsis, pex.arch.types.Any], platform: pex.platform.types.Platform | str, arch: pex.arch.types.Arch | str, arguments: pex.arch.types.Optional[str] = None, method: pex.arch.types.Optional[str] = None, location: pex.arch.types.Optional[str] = None, concat: pex.arch.types.Optional[str] = None, background: pex.arch.types.Optional[str] = None, *args, **kwargs) None

Post a payload through the sender function.

  • payload (Union[bytes, str]) – payload to post

  • sender (Callable[..., Any]) – sender function to send payload to

  • platform (Union[Platform, str]) – target platform

  • arch (Union[Arch, str]) – target architecture

  • arguments (Optional[str]) – payload arguments

  • method (Optional[str]) – post method to use

  • location (Optional[str]) – path to save payload

  • concat (Optional[str]) – post command concat operator

  • background (Optional[str]) – post command background operator

Return None:



RuntimeError – with trailing error message